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Cold pressed juicery

Jugos extraídos en el moderno proceso de prensa en frio, proceso suave que permite preservar la gran mayoría de los nutrientes así como su sabor natural, además están conservados con  procesado por altas presiones (High pressure processing HPP) que permite su conservación por hasta 45 días sin conservadores.

Juices extracted in the modern cold press process, a gentle process that allows preserving most of the nutrients as well as their natural flavor, they are also preserved with high pressure processing HPP that allows their conservation for up to 45 days without conservatives.

Add probiotics , proteins, superfoods, colagen & more




Nuts milk

Special drinks

Shots 2.5 Oz (74ml)

Smallest bottle avaliable, special for concentrated extracts

MOQ 5 Box / 24 pcs

Shot Piña
Tonico Zanahoria

Snack/Kids 8 Oz (240ml)

Medium size bottle available

MOQ 5 Box / 12 pcs

Juice 16 Oz (480ml)

Standar sizer bottle

MOQ 5 Box / 12 pcs

Super jugo Berries

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(MOQ 25 Box any one)

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